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The Marcus Nettles Project Partners with Pocket Radar to Provide Affordable and Convenient Solutions for Chicagoland Area Athletes

2021 Marcus Nettles 5th Ann First Resp Baseball Clinic Recap Thumb 001.png

February, 2023 - In 2017, Marcus Nettles, a University of Miami-FL two time College World Series National

Champion, two-time MLB draft pick, and current State Trooper, founded The Marcus Nettles Project. He envisioned using baseball and modern technology to raise equitable awareness and provide affordable and convenient solutions to develop, evaluate, and promote Chicago land area athletes. Additionally, The Marcus Nettles Project partners with local baseball organizations on an annual basis and hosts baseball clinics and events to bridge the gap between the community, youth, and police.  

Recently, Pocket Radar, a handheld portable radar gun specifically designed to measure ball flight in a straight line, have agreed to a collaborative effort with The Marcus Nettles Project.  At the annual events hosted by The Marcus Nettles Project, the Smart Coach radar will be used to capture data for player development and evaluation. The data will provide direct feedback to players and parents to give participants a baseline of their on-field performance.  Pocket Radar is not only committed to supplying devices for The Marcus Nettles Project, but also understands the challenges in underserved neighborhoods providing an affordable solution for purchase.  Pocket Radar's advanced product line is available online at a discounted price using promo code: MARCUS100.

For more information contact or visit

Key Contacts:

Marcus Nettles

Founder - The Marcus Nettles Project 


Taylor Alexander

VP of Strategy & Business - Pocket Radar


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